Building My Battery Expertise at AVL

July 18, 2022

I built my battery expertise at AVL!

AVL is one of the world’s leading companies in development and simulation of the automotive industry. It is located in Graz, Austria. I started there in 2017, and AVL is where I gained all of my battery expertise! 


After I finished my PhD in Technical Physics, I was so excited to begin at AVL. I was able to start working on real customer projects, travel internationally, and do research with other universities. This was a great basis to start my own business, and I am really thankful for all of the skills that I learned here! 

I took every possible opportunity to speak in front of an audience as well. I did speeches at events, had international customer visits, and even made my first videos. 


Some of the topics that I was really passionate to drive through these speeches: 

  • Battery lifetime prediction and how to make batteries live longer 
  • Battery simulation and shortening the time it takes to develop a battery system 
  • Making E-motors and inverters more efficient 

AVL was a work environment where I built my confidence and battery expertise to be able to start my own company. It was a great place to start my career! I am so happy to have been able to visit again recently!