Electric Charging with the Sun!

October 5, 2022

Electric Charging with the Sun!

This year on Earth Day, we decided to add solar power to our house! I did research and decided to go with Sun Badger Solar as our installer. Here is what has happened so far!

Installing Solar Power

In March, Sun Badger came to our house, climbed onto the roof, and provided a quote that matched my personal energy usage. We used data from the past year to see how much energy I use daily in each season. We also factored in the two electric cars that this will include in the future.

The system was designed with 35 panels and 13.5 kW. This is enough to offset almost all of my energy use throughout the year in Wisconsin. The over production in summer is offset by less production in the winter.

After signing the contract, Sun Badger started the design phase and got everything ready for approval from my electric company. They also had to order all of the equipment. This process took about five months in our case.

Two weeks ago, the installation began. They mounted brackets and railings for the solar panels and installed the electrical system. Everything is now finished and inspected. All we need is the final approval from We Energies and then our solar system will be turned on! I will be able to charge my electric vehicle using solar power!

I can’t wait to show how it all works over time! We are so excited to have solar power on our house now. Watch for an upcoming YouTube video with more details on my channel Electrified Veronika