Electric Ford F-150 Lightning LIVE In Person

September 21, 2021

Ford’s All Electric Truck LIVE – Registration Holder Event

A couple months ago, Ford revealed their first all electric truck. The Ford F-150 Lightning. As my husband signed up to order, we have been invited to a registration holder event to see and feel the truck IN PERSON!
What we expected from this event:
  • test driving the prototype truck ourselves
  • seeing and touching the prototype

What we got:

  • an amazing test ride in the all electric truck
  • touch and feel of the pure powertrain, you could see the motors, inverter and batteries
  • live demonstration of the truck powering different tools and a TV
  • unbelievably friendly Ford staff, really everybody from registration staff to test driver were so nice
  • many happy registration holders and their families

This is a BIG DEAL

One in every 16 vehicles on American roads is a gas-powered F150 truck, so this vehicle is the Nr. 1 vehicle in North America for the last 44 years. So it is a really, really big deal that Ford is electrifying this truck.
From the outside, the electric truck looks super traditional and as gigantic and awesome as its gas powered buddy. The architecture, technology and platform are of course totally different. The engine and gas tank are replaced by two electric motors, and inverter and a huge battery pack. And it is the battery that allows a Ford F150 Lightning owner to power their tools directly from the truck in the middle of nowhere.

The Skateboard Platform

  • two available battery pack sizes, 230 miles (370 km) and 300 miles (483 km)
  • two AC permanent magnetic motors one at the front and one at the rear axle
  • from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 4s, max speed 105 mph (169 km/h)
  • with the 300 miles battery option: haul up to 2000 lbs (907 kg); tow 10.000 lbs (4500 kg)
  • vehicle weight: 6500 lbs (2950 kg), battery weight: 1800 lbs (816 kg)
  • price ~$40.000 up to $90.000



Bidirectional Charging and Powering Tools

  • the Ford/150 Lighting looks really cool, like a “real, traditional” truck and this is very appealing to Americans
  • Power Frunk – since the internal combustion engine is replaced by two motors and a battery pack that is located under the floor of the car, there is some room left, which Ford uses as a very nice front trunk with plenty charge points (110V and USB)
  • this truck can power your home, as it allows vehicle to home charging!
  • on board 9.6kW with 21 charge points
  • power tools, toys and home, for example in case of a blackout use car to power the house
  • Electrify America is currently installing a huge charging infrastructure that is symbiotic with Ford’s truck



  • interior looks beautiful with a big touch screen in the center, great infotainment, sends software updates over the air



I need to emphasize how nice and friendly all the employees and event organizers have been throughout the whole event. It felt like a family 😊