Electric Motor for Jeep EV Conversion

May 15, 2022

Cascadia Motion E-Motor and Inverter

Last year I decided to convert a 99 Jeep Wrangler into fully electric. It took us about half a year to find the right Jeep.  As soon as we had it, we started to disassemble it. We analyzed potential powertrain configurations and ended up with one front electric motor and inverter which we ordered from the company Cascadia Motion 

Which E-motor and Inverter for EV conversion?

Watch this video to understand how we calculated which E-motor and inverter we want to use for the Jeep conversion. Which Electric Motor for our EV JEEP Conversion? – YouTube


Visiting Cascadia Motion in Portland – Oregon

I was so excited to meet Larry Rinehart and Travis Gintz during our customer tour through Oregon and see our E-motor, inverter and gearbox system in person. I was honestly surprised about the size of the it – it is so small compared to the huge engine (and transmission) that we took out.  


Component Links

This is the list of components we acquired from Cascadia Motion:  

The components should arrive any time now!  

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