Electric Rivian Truck Test Drive

March 30, 2022

Electric American Truck with Unique Features

I got to test drive the all-electric RIVIAN truck and am totally overwhelmed. 🔋🙌😊

I am familiar with battery and powertrain technology, but for me it was really great to see and feel this truck for the first time. The looks are spectacular, the interior quality is very high and there are so many very creative and practical features!



Just to mention a few in random order:

  •   There is a flashlight hidden in the door that you can take out and it runs on the SAME cylindrical cells that they use in the high voltage battery pack – my absolute favorite. 💡
  •  The frunk (front trunk) is opening and closing automatically. Just to compare that to my Ford Mustang Mach-E, I still need to use the traditional hood latch and push it down manually which is not convenient.



  • Speaker at the bottom of the center console that you can take out and play from your phone when camping/partying. 😂
  •  Gear tunnel for dirty stuff or a dog – you can open the top of this gear tunnel, so really a dog can sit there.


  •   Lockable loading area and more storage underneath that if you don’t bring the spare tire.
  •  The materials and interior of this truck are really good quality, feels absolutely fantastic, plugs and ports everywhere


  • They have cool puddle lights. I personally like the puddle lights of my Mustang better. 😊 🐴)
  • Driving feels incredibly smooth and not really like a huge truck. Acceleration is insane, regenerative breaking very efficient. Adjustable air suspension!
  • Two things I don’t like about the look: front lights, and door handles stick out when the car is not locked.



  • Did not get a chance to try any features like the on board navigation or “autopilot features” or anything like this.

Thank you to Matthew Hortop, P.E. for letting me drive your truck, in return he took my Ford Mustang Mach-E GT for a blast. He doesn’t like the start/stop button…okay I agree. 😂  His feedback was that the 2022 model drives much nicer than the early models he test drove before.