Expansion and Future of my Jeep Conversion!

August 18, 2022

 Expanding my Jeep Conversion

I have been working for a while on converting my dream car, the same 1999 Jeep Wrangler used in Gilmore Girls, into a fully electric vehicle. Now it is time to expand this project even more!

We are collaborating with a local workshop called Performance Off-Road Wisconsin! I will be able to film there and most importantly get insights from Jeep experts. The owner, Darin, has decades of experience working with Jeeps and other off-road vehicles.


There are some uncertainties that he will be able to help us solve, such as if we need to update our suspension system and if we can reuse stock shafts.

Why convert to electric?

I want to promote renewable energy and show the world how this is possible through my Jeep conversion project. Although it is a difficult process, it is possible for anyone!

Right now is the time to change the industry and promote electric vehicles. The circular economy generates less waste by reusing products, like batteries. Batteries have a second life, and can be used in electric vehicles.

What’s next?

I am hoping to have my Jeep ready to drive by November of this year, and ready for off-roading in the Spring of 2023.

I would like to open an innovation center where we can research and experiment with electric batteries and renewable energy even more!


Follow my Jeep conversion process on my YouTube Channel, Electrified Veronika – YouTube

You can see my interview about the Jeep conversion with TMJ4 here: Franklin woman converting 1999 Jeep Wrangler into electric vehicle by hand (tmj4.com)