I wrote my FIRST BOOK

January 1, 2022

The Drive to Electric – WHY?

Almost a year ago I had the idea to write a book. I had a vision in my mind. It was going to be about people. About charismatic, positive and committed people – inspiring thought leaders. 💡

It was going to be about our world being in a transition. A transition from gas powered cars and coal burning to something that is “better for the world.” ❤️

This “better for the world” takes many forms and involves many uncertainties. With the help of these experts from different backgrounds and from all over the world, I was going to tell a story.

A story that should be readable by “everyone”. My grandma should understand and enjoy it. But it should also inspire other experts in the field.

Over the course of a year I interviewed many charismatic and driven personalities that work in the field of batteries for transportation, energy, and in electricity production. They are all doing their best to try to form the so much needed CIRCULAR ECONOMY for batteries.

Get your copy here.