Is it all about the LIKES?

September 16, 2021

Is it all about the LIKES?

How many people do you know who really want YOU to succeed? They don’t want anything in return and they don’t expect anything. They are not envious of your success and they do not envy you. They really support you and want you to shine and grow.

They may be inspired by what you do. Watching you gives them energy too.

Most of these people are very happy people. They love who they are and what they do. They are confident, positive, and open-minded.


Reflections of a Social Entrepreneur

Today, I’m thinking and reflecting. Today I am grateful and humble for all the amazing people in my personal and social network!

Being a social entrepreneur and being active on social media can sometimes be a challenge. You have to deal with feedback, active criticism, but also silence and disinterest.

You have to be careful not to identify yourself with the number of LIKESFOLLOWERSCOMMENTS or INTERACTIONS.

How do you grow, how to you reach more people with your message, do you NEED to after all? WHY?

This is especially true in the days of COVID, where personal interaction, business and marketing are limited to fully virtual environments and social media platforms.


The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan

That’s why I so enjoyed my FIRST business-related in-person event this week at the Battery Show in Novi, Michigan.

Believe it or not, three of the attendees recognized me because they follow me on LinkedIn.

I was shocked…well, positively surprised 😂

Meeting them in person, hearing them telling me they enjoyed reading my posts and love what I do meant a lot to me. You can’t imagine how much energy and motivation I draw from such personal moments. These moments help breaking the social media frustration that I sometimes experience sitting in front of my Laptop creating new content.