Launch of the All Electric F-150 Lightning 2022

May 2, 2022

First F-150 Lightning Rolling off the Assembly Line


April 26, 2022, Ford  REVC Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, Dearborn Michigan, US.

America’s best selling truck is ELECTRIFIED 🔋🙌. Such a great honor to join the launch event of the Ford F-150 Lightning truck last week at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan.


I can still remember how I learned in school about Henry Ford and the first moving assembly line for mass production of an entire automobile. More than 100 year later – almost the same location – the first all electric truck is rolling off the assembly line.



The Electric Platform: E-Motor, Inverter, Batteries

  • Standard-range pack with 98.0 kWh of usable capacity and a 131.0-kWh extended-range option. EPA certified range of 320 miles on one charge  for the extended range. 
  • AWD, E-motors in the front and rear – Battery pack along the floor, spare tire in the front.
  • 2.000 lbs targeted maximum payload.
  • 10.000 lbs targeted available maximum towing capacity.



It was very interesting comparing that with the platform we saw at the registration holder event in Denver last year. 

Interview with Darren Palmer

Many great conversations with Ford employees, Ford management and very excited Lightning customers. Thank you Darren Palmer for an insightful interview about why and when Ford realized that electric vehicles are here to stay, how to build a circular economy, charging electric vehicles from the road and which other gas-powered icons to convert to electric.


Bidirectional Charging and Powering Tools
The Ford F-150 Lighting looks just like the “traditional” gas-powered truck, but has a couple more features.
Power Frunk – since the internal combustion engine is replaced by two motors and a battery pack that is located under the floor of the car, there is some room left, which Ford uses as a very nice front trunk with plenty charge points (110V and USB) – 21 charge points in total.
This truck can power your home, as it allows vehicle to home charging.
You can also offer charging to other electric vehicles with the bi-directional charging cable.



More insights to that coming up on Wednesday on my Youtube Channel, Electrified Veronika. Also a pleasure to meet Sandy Munro and Laycee Schmidtke at the event.


Don Wright and I can’t wait to get his truck as a great addition to our EV family. 😊