Meet Veronika

My Story

Hi, I am Dr. Veronika Wright! I am a content creator, thought leader, and electrification enthusiast dedicated to driving positive change in the realm of battery technology for sustainable transportation and clean energy.

My journey has seen me evolve into a consultant, author, and speaker within this critical field. Drawing from my rich background spanning both industry and academia, I specialize in forging meaningful connections between individuals and cutting-edge technologies. My overarching mission is to advance the realms of battery technology and electrification through education and innovation.

As a passionate advocate for eco-friendly technologies, I’ve established the Electrified Veronika YouTube channel. Here, I work to elevate public perception on the potential of electrification and green technologies, furthering the cause of sustainability for our planet.

COntent Creator &
Thought Leader

As a thought leader and content creator, I drive conversations on the future of mobility. Collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, I advocate for alternative energy solutions, shaping industry discourse. Through my authored works, I share insights into electrification and sustainability. Join me in exploring the exciting possibilities of sustainable transportation.


I earned my PhD in Technical Physics from Graz University of Technology in Austria. My journey in the industry encompassed invaluable experience in batteries, electric vehicles, and clean energy during my time at AVL List GmbH, a distinguished automotive and technology company.

In 2021, I founded my own consulting practice, providing technical and strategic guidance, educational support, mentoring, and impartial expert advice in the realms of batteries, clean transportation, and energy.


I’m turning a 1999 Jeep Wrangler into an electric vehicle. Follow our journey on YouTube, support us on Patreon, and join our mission for a cleaner future.