Mounting the E-Motor in My Electric Jeep!

September 17, 2022

The Electric Motor is Mounted!

Our electric motor is mounted! The Gilmore Girls Jeep is soon to be all electric!

When converting a car to electric, you will find that there are many different ways to do it and it can be overwhelming. We thought about what we want the Jeep to be capable of, and started from there. Changing any of those requirements over time will affect the entire powertrain. We did lots of simulation and analysis and came up with a variety of different concepts.


Which E-motor and inverter for EV conversion?

The Jeep has an AC electric motor with 225kW. Since the batteries run on DC we need an inverter that can convert the DC current into an alternating current. We went with the integrated drive system im225 by Cascadia Motion so the inverter is attached to the E-motor and cooling is already set up. It will all be controlled electrically by the vehicle control unit.


Two Wheel and Four Wheel Drive

I knew that I wanted the converted Jeep to have as many functions as it did before, including selectable two wheel and four wheel drive. We reused the stock transfer case and hence had to make a custom adapter plate that connects to the speed reducer which then connects to the E-motor. We designed this adapter plate in Solidworks and 3D printed it to use it for first fittings.

Mounting the E-motor!

The first concept we came up with was putting the electric motor in the front and distribute the batteries between front, underneath the floor and the back. The plan was to have evenly distributed and balanced weight.

We built our own batteries and soon changed our plan. We found certain restrictions in the BMS and disadvantages of having so many individual battery boxes.  Finally decided we would have batteries in the front and back with none underneath.

This decision affects the whole powertrain. We made some adjustments and finally mounted the e-motor! Mounting the e-motor seems easy now, but it was a long journey to get here!

Watch the full journey on my YouTube channel here: