Transportation and Innovation Expo

April 28, 2022

Madison Transportation and Innovation Event

On April 28 2022 I was invited to the Transportation & Innovation Expo in Madison to see the latest and greatest means of transportation.

What was it about?

  • Lots of battery electric, to fuel cell and a few biodiesel powered vehicles.
  • Everything from electric passenger cars to huge electric garbage trucks and electric buses.
  • Several organizations formed a small exhibition. It was an honor to meet with Renew Wisconsin, who are supporting my Gilmore Girls Jeep conversion to electric!
  • A super fun, ride and drive. Yes, I let everybody floor my electric Ford Mustang Mach-E!



I also attended the conference about sustainable transportation, infrastructure, and technology at the event. I was able to see a converted electric Delorean and Landrover from Hoffman Manufacturing.