What is the value of a used electric car?

July 29, 2022

What is the value of a used electric car?

With battery powered electric vehicles, the biggest challenge is knowing what the status and health of your battery is. Can it be measured or is it software driven?

Electric batteries do have a second life, but the health of the battery does affect its value and the value of a used electric car.

Certification of Electric Cars

I visited Markus Gregor from TÜV SÜD in Munich to talk about the certification of electric cars.


In Germany and many other parts of Europe, you have to get your car certified from time to time in order to drive it legally. This helps keep roads and drivers safe. In Austria, this is called “Pickerl” which translates to “sticker” or “badge”.

Certification of electric cars would certainly be different than gas-powered vehicles. The most important thing to know would be the status of the battery and how much capacity it has compared to what it had originally. It would also be amazing to know the “why?” behind this.

The battery health and status will affect the value of the electric vehicle, so it may also be important to know the remaining battery life for a possible next user.