Why Recycling Batteries is Important

August 29, 2022

Why Recycling Batteries is Important

Recycling batteries is easier than recycling electronics! By recycling batteries, we are able to make new batteries from the recycled materials. This will create a circular economy of reusing materials instead of a linear one.

Every resource on Earth is limited, so we need an economy that allows us to get those materials back through recycling and reusing. Batteries have a second life and can be reused, and then recycled.

In Europe, there are some regulations that force battery recycling, and the recycled material can be used for additive manufacturing.

Recently, I interviewed Rudolf von Stokar | LinkedIn at the Reco-E Recycling Plant in Germany. We discussed what batteries are recycled and how, and many of the challenges that come with battery recycling.

You can learn more and hear my conversation with Rudolf in my YouTube video here: How to Recycle Batteries for Electric Cars? – YouTube

If you are interested in learning more about battery recycling, check out chapters 7 and 12 in my book, The Drive to Electric.